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Official SiteFAQを設置しました。こちらに良くくる質問等を上げましたので目を通して下さい。これからどんどん追加していく予定です。そちらに上げた内容の質問をもらった場合は返信しない場合もありますのでご了承下さい。

んで、8TracksをいじってStoreに色々↓とぶっこみました!!事前に入荷リクエスト頂いて方の商品に関してはキープしてありますんで!!ご連絡をよろしくお願いします。The Scariesも一緒に購入しちゃって下さい。到着が早くても3日とかになるんで大丈夫っす!!

AF : 'till The End 1550yen
Another Year : S/T 1270yen
Another Year : Moment Don't Last 1270yen
Argetti : Flags Of Karma 900yen
Average Joe Aspiring : The Big Idea 1600yen
Bridge To Solace : House Of The Dying Sun 1830yen
Broken Art : Immaginando Il Silenzio 1350yen
Comeback Kid : Through The Noise 1350yen
Day By Day : The Difference Between Truth And Fact 1620yen
Defying Control : Reflection 1700yen
Desepondent : Fake 1610yen
Fableway : S/T 1900yen
Fall L?men Too! : S/T 1300yen
Grannysmith : Friendly Fire 2200yen
Granny Smith : First Drop 2300yen
Hook : Compiled Feelings 1680yen
Lungs : Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutise, Short 1350yen
Mistake Us For Friends 1400yen
Mongrel : Sons Of Decreasing Evolutuion 1800yen
Mr. Zippy : What You Are Like... Says A Lot About The Kind Of Person You Are 1500yen
Out Of Reach : Neverending 1000yen
Raised Under Reagun : S/T 1470yen
Red Car Burns : ...When Everything Seems To Be In Silence 1300yen
Reset : No Intensity 2500yen
The Scaries : S/T 1500yen
Setoff : ...Just Please Stop Screaming 1650yen
7-10 Split : Trial By Fire 1400yen
7-10 Split : The Force Beyond Strength 1000yen
Twotimer : See What Happens From Here 1500yen
Upinatem : Democracide 1500yen
Weekly Carouse : Too Old To Live, Too Young To Die! 1000yen

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