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6月5にSideon Dummy Recordsから発売になります。詳しくは↓をどうぞ!!

Disc 1
Alkaline Trio - "Fire Down Below"
Bad Religion - "Requiem for Dissent"
Killswitch Engage - "The Arms of Sorrow"
As I Lay Dying - "Confined"
Cute Is What We Aim For - "Lyrical Lies (electric)"
Big D and The Kids Table - "Steady Riot"
Tiger Army - "Afterworld"
I Am Ghost - "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps"
Norma Jean - "Songs Sound Much Sadder"
The Matches - "Little Maggots"
Only Crime - "Take Me"
LoveHateHero - "Amity"
Amber Pacific - "Summer (In B)"
Buck-O-Nine - "I'm Not Dead"
Street Dogs - "Fading American Dream"
The Briggs - "Song of Babylon"
Escape the Fate - "Reverse This Curse"
Gallows - "Rolling with the Punches"
Madina Lake - "House of Cards"
Haste the Day - "Akeldema"
Blessthefall - "Could Tell a Love"
Guff - "Sympathy of Voices"
Set Your Goals - "This Song Is Definitely Not About a Girl"
My American Heart - "The Shake (Awful Feeling)"
Mayday Parade - "Black Cat"

Disc 2
The Used - "The Ripper "
Poison The Well - "Letter Thing"
Chiodos - "To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything"
Bayside - "Duality"
Paramore - "This Circle"
Gogol Bordello - "60 Revolutions"
Aiden - "We Sleep Forever"
Vanna - "The Things He Carried"
The Human Abstract - "Mea Culpa"
Ryan's Hope - "Killing Through Song"
Meg & Dia - "Monster"
Bedouin Soundclash - "Until We Burn In The Sun (The Kids Just Want Love Song)"
Smoke or Fire - "The Patty Hearst Syndrome"
The Casualties - "In It for Life"
The Toasters - "You're Gonna Pay"
The Higher - "Insurance?"
Piebald - "Oh, The Congestion"
Blinded Black - "Under The Sunrise"
Greeley Estates - "The End of All We Know"
Strung Out - "Calling"
Parkway Drive - "Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em"
The Unseen - "At Point Blank"
Olympia - "M-80"
Tokyo Rose - "A Pound of Silver Is Worth Its Weight in Blood"
Mad Caddies - "State of Mind
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